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Mission statement –

the evotreex principles

The success of evotreex is underpinned by a down-to-earth mindset and values that the Group companies and their employees have developed and maintained since the earliest days. This sound basis paves the way for constant ongoing development.

We collaborate with our customers and suppliers on a basis of reliability and trust. Our approach is flexible and straightforward – even when the challenge is to make the impossible possible.

As an international group, it is our concern to overcome barriers of language and culture, and to build bridges across dividing lines. The world is home for all of us.

evotreex employees are proud to mention that they belong to the Group – a Group that is moving ahead as it identifies and consistently implements new approaches and perspectives.

There are many interfaces within our comprehensive range of services and areas of expertise, generating the vast potential that makes members of the evotreex Group the ideal partners for every project – especially when the requirements are challenging and complex.

Taking a holistic view of every project, taking account of processes and machine/plant lifecycles as well as innovative developments: these are elements of the approach for which evotreex is renowned.

evotreex remains faithful to the character and down-to-earth values associated with the background of the medium-sized enterprises that make up the Group – but the ongoing development and expansion of the Group are not neglected.

The tree is the ideal symbol of development, growth, sustainability and many other distinctive attributes of the evotreex Group.

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